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Sonja Hults

Thank you for visiting Sonja Hults Photography.  My name is Sonja Hults and photography is my yoga. When I get behind the lens of my camera, the world becomes more exciting and interesting. I frequently travel to capture the beauty of our planet and the people I meet.

I have photographed wildlife on Bear Island, located in Katmai Bay National Park in Alaska, and covered family events like the 100th Birthday of a WWII Veteran. Whether I’m chasing nature or moving unobtrusively across a crowded room, my goal is to get that rare photo.  My photography style is very candid. Each subject is unique and I want to capture the authentic image. I take pride in hearing people tell me that the photos I create for them have wonderful expressions.

My professional experiences have allowed me to come out from behind the lens and into the forefront, speaking publicly at your next event or tutoring those who want to learn how to become a better photographer. I can’t wait to meet you.

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